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Planet Media Group's Florida productions provides production management and coordinating services to secure locations, crew & equipment and facilitate your shoot within your budget..

Send us your script or storyboards and we'll put the numbers together and you can be assured of highly competitive prices whatever your production requirement.

ani_small2.gif (9294 bytes) Production Cost Estimating and Budgeting

    Bidding or budgeting? Call us and we'll give you accurate cost estimates that will win the job for you. Send us your scripts or storyboards and we'll put the numbers together fast.

ani_small2.gif (9294 bytes) Production Management and Coordinating

    From pre-production through production you can count on professionals. We'll handle payment of all crew and vendors as you experience a smoothly handled shoot anywhere in Florida.

ani_small2.gif (9294 bytes) Locations Scouting / Permits / Location Management

    We'll scout your locations and find what you are looking for and you'll get prompt response, we arrange and secure permitting and security as required. We are familiar with hundreds of locations from tropical beaches and palm trees to cityscapes.

ani_small2.gif (9294 bytes) Banking and Insurance

We arrange banking services / wire transfers and production insurance to cover your project.

ani_small2.gif (9294 bytes) Cameras, Video and Audio Equipment

    Whether your shooting 35mm, 16mm or video we've got the sources for Panavision or Arries packages, Beta SP, NTSC or PAL. HD and we'll get the best deal for you.

ani_small2.gif (9294 bytes) Grip and Lighting Equipment

    We have the best available packages in Florida and the professionals to respond to your lighting and grip requirements.

ani_small2.gif (9294 bytes) Motor Homes, Wardrobe and  Make-up Wagons

    We've got the latest in medium to large luxury motor homes, make-up and wardrobe trailers and honey wagons at competitive rates.

ani_small2.gif (9294 bytes) Ground Transportation

    We get the best discounted "production" rates on all vehicles, cars, vans and trucks.

ani_small2.gif (9294 bytes) Hotels and Accommodations - Long and Short Term

    Our list of "production oriented" hotels in Florida will provide the best rates and services for your production group.

ani_small2.gif (9294 bytes) Air Transportation

    We'll arrange your air travel while in Florida or the US and get the best fares possible.