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In Development
The Production of the Motion Picture "Horses" (Working Title)
Story by John Linde & Rod McBrien
Screenplay by John Linde & Rod McBrien
 Executive Producer, Ross J. Testagrossa
Producers, Ross J Testagrossa, Steven S. Testagrossa

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Copyright 2006

An Original Story by
John Linde and Rod McBrien

The following treatment for a screenplay is a horse story that has never been told. It is the tale of two remarkable horses "HORSES.” Modern technology and American pie have been combined in to make it a story the whole family will love and one that will not son be forgotten.

A treatment is basically a first attempt at putting an idea for a screenplay for a theatrical feature film or television broadcast into words. In this treatment, whether or not to use actual names has yet to be decided. For now, a combination of factual and fictional names is being used. Before this idea come to life on the screen, it will be reshaped many times. Names may change, characters may change. Settings and locations may change. Some events will be deleted, others added. But the idea itself, the incredible possibility that "HORSES" presents, will not change. It will only be enhanced by the screenplay.

The movie and a spin-off television series of "HORSES" could do for harness racing what feature films "THE ENDLESS SUMMER" did for surfing, or what "TOP GUN" did for the Navy. It could bring harness racing to national attention in a bright light and show the public a sport and a breed of horse the for the majority they have not know about.

Besides being entertaining, "HORSES" will be a complete education in the sport of harness racing. It will take you from the breeding barn to the foaling barn, from weanlings to yearlings and from select yearling sale to the daily routine of breaking and training future champions.

And finally it will take you to the harness tracks of America, from Main to Florida, from the backyard County Fairs to the state-of-the-art racetracks of racetracks, The Meadowlands in New Jersey.

"HORSES" will be a classic film like "NATIONAL VELVET",  "BLACK STALLION", and "SEABISCUIT". It will put you in touch with your feelings. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. It will raise your blood pressure with excitement and it will set you back down with a smile on your face. And it will warm your heart as only a horse story can do.

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