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A New York City native, Ross comes to film production from a very a different career path he initially took as a young man. Upon his discharge from the military service in Japan and the Far East, he returned to NYC.  He started his civilian working life in finance and management and made his way to Florida  and never thought his it would lead into such a creative endeavor as film production. 

Through happenstance and coincidence he got involved with an independent film production announcement of the building of sound stages at Universal Studios Florida and Disney MGM Studios in Orlando.  In 1987 he formed  Producers Hotline, Inc. and Planet Media Group Group to produce and provide production and management services to incoming national and international producers wanting to shoot in Florida an he opened an office on the back lot of Universal Studios Florida's facility as one of first of several independent production and production support companies at the studios.

His marketing and business promotional efforts lead to trips to NY, LA / Hollywood, The Caribbean, Puerto Rico and London to promote Florida production with the goal of bringing in Features, TV and Video production projects into the state and Central Florida.

Ross involved himself in the industry trade group, serving 5 years as an officer on the Board of Directors of the then 300 member Florida Motion Picture and Television Association (Orlando/Central Florida Chapter) and as a past President.  It goal was to promote Florida film and TV production, it people, companies and the studio's facilities.

Through these experiences as Producer he gained knowledge of the costs, budgeting and human and material resources and locations in Florida.  Since he has he worked on scores of feature films, music videos, national and foreign broadcast television episodes.

A highlight of Ross' accomplishments was his successful promoting of the use of the old downtown Orlando City Hall scheduled for destruction through implosion.  By the vote of City Council and working directly with the Orlando Mayor's Office Ross was given the rights as "exclusive representative" of the City to market the 'cinematic exploitation' of the "implosion and demolition of Orlando City Hall", a 9 story, 80,000 sq. ft. building.  See Variety and Hollywood Reporter

His son Steven, a Florida State University film school graduate is one of the "first call" film production managers in Florida having produced, production managed hundreds of projects and has a firm grip of Florida's crew, equipments and resources. 

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Orlando, Florida

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