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In Development
The Production of the Motion Picture
"Horses"(Working Title)
Story by John Linde & Rod McBrien
Screenplay by John Linde & Rod McBrien
 Executive Producer, Ross J. Testagrossa
Producers, Ross J Testagrossa, Steven S. Testagrossa

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Goal:  Develop, fund and produce the story "Horses" as a full-length theatrical feature film release.

Overview:  A beautiful and exciting portrait of a racing horse and a story of a young girl that will entertain and thrill movie goers.  The film will showcases the American Standardbred horse and expose to the public to the harness racing industry.

"Horses" will give the movie public a view of the history and nostalgia of the sport and educate them on the beauty and behind the scenes working reality of harness racing.  From the big name tracks across America to racing at county fairs and horse farms, this film will highlight the Standardbred in a way that has never been displayed.

Why Trotters and Pacers?  There has not been a film with a backdrop of harness racing in
over 25 years.   The movie public has "been to the races" many times.   Most are familiar with images of jockeys on the back of a Thoroughbred.  Recent hit films of this genre hit are "Seabiscuit" and "Dreamer - Inspired by a True Story"
Notable Horse Movies 
The viewer has seen the flat tracks at Belmont Raceway in New York, Churchill Downs in Lexington, KY, Santa Anita in California and others on TV and the big screen.  They know about the big races, the Preakness, the Belmont Stakes, the Kentucky Derby and the glory of a winner of the Triple Crown. 

Too few Americans have been to the "Trotters". Harness racing is much more then a buggy or chariot race.  It is a sport with a rich history appreciated by the few people who are horse owners, trainers and jockeys.  And now America will be exposed to the sport and the Standardbred horse in a way not seen in a generation.

Why Now?  The American family moviegoer wants more then slapstick youth comedies, horror or slasher films and heavy drama.  The time has always been right for a family oriented horse film that offers the right amount of real drama, suspense and visual excitement and one they can identify with its main characters. It is a fact that movies with horses, young girls and young men have always been an American favorite. 

Orlando, Florida
For information contact:
Ross J. Testagrossa
(407) 928-5974